I have been asked to be part of a new project which is still all under wraps. What I can say is that requires new images of my make up artistry that has not been published before. I asked Melanie my pr to come down for a shoot and kindly step back into her modelling zone for me. However she said she will bring down her "protégée". A complete newbie to the industry and this was to be her first ever shoot!!! With someone inexperience you never know what you get - a bit like russian roulette: They can turn out amazing, promising, ok or worse no good. 

Some behind the scenes shots

Our Photographer Mike Watson from SWS Photography was so thoughtful to catch some of the preparations before the shoot
I used the opportunity to dip into my little stash of Sacha Cosmetic range as I find their foundation great but only needed a bit of their concealers and loose powder for my models this time around as their both had good skin. I got happy on their eyeshadows and blusher - great pigments!