The monthly Nubia Pamper Day is back!!! If you are after: Head wrapping, Make-up you will find me there for other services the rest of our extensive team on the day to look after you.


At Nubia Pamper Day our rejuvenating bursts treatments are performed with love and tenderness by a beautiful group of women who understand the beauty and healing power of touch. We are dedicated to inspiring “nubiance” by promoting mind, body and spirit balance through holistic living. 

Choose 3 rejuvenating bursts treatments:

Dreamy mini-facial: 15-20 minutes
A soothing ritual that includes gentle neck, face and shoulder massage.

Nubian radiance make-over: 20 minutes
You’ll glow from the soft touches of brush strokes designed to enhance what’s already beautiful about you. Because we know your skin is sensitive we use quality make-up, including MAC to ensure your adorning experience is safe as well as memorable with a snapshot of you. 

Pretty fingers manicure: 20-30 minutes
Delicately filed nails, cuticles gentle neatened with a deeply relaxing hand massage before the ultimate finish with polish of your choice.

Soothing Hand Massage: 15-20 minutes
Tenderly applying strokes that aid the removal of toxins and ease muscles of aches and tension.

Delicate Head Massage: 20 minutes
A combination of firm and gentle strokes, rhythmically applied to release energy blockages from the head, neck and shoulder.

Releasing Shiatsu Massage: 20 minutes
Therapeutic treatment that applies pressure to stimulate easy flow of energy and a state of tranquility.

Feet Softening Soda Soak: 20-30minutes
a blessed feet ritual of self indulgence. You love and enjoy your feet, attend to toenails, neaten toenails and gently remove hard skin.

Adorning the Empress Head Wrapping: 20 minutes
Experience the empowerment that comes with the crowning glory of Head wrapping. You'll receive a photograph to remind you of the moment you graced a powerful transformation of self and rekindled a majestic feeling. With option to purchase fabric.

£50 per person


Release&Letgo Neck, back and Shoulder massage:* £15 - 25mins
It's only a taster to stimulate removal of toxins and introduce your body to feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Pampered feet pedicure:* £15 – 30 minutes
Loving relaxation for your feet, toe nails filed, cuticles neatened with hard skin rubbed down. 

Re-energising Foot Massage:* £8 - 20 minutes
After cleansing your feet, we'll impress loving strokes along the lower legs and feet to invigorate tired muscles.

We'll provide you with PAMPER PACK containing towel dress, hand towel, face towel and slippers.

We'll warm your spirit with gentle relaxation stretches before you begin your treats.

After your sumptuous vegan lunch including coconut enriched beans stew and brown basmati rice, ginger and cinnamon grilled plantain and baked sweet potato, you'll be introduced to the wonderful range of nubia pamper handmade natural body care products. 

Limited places, book early. Contact Yaa 07950 308 033,

WHERE: Jomard Community Centre, 65-67 High Street Collier's Wood, SW19 2JF (nearest tube Collier's Wood).


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